Graveyard Guidelines

1. The Graveyard is the property of the Trustees of Raffrey Presbyterian Church and is reserved only for the use of recognised members of the congregation.

2. A member of the above congregation, for purposes of the Graveyard Rules, is defined as one who continuously subscribes to the Free Will Offering Scheme an amount at least equal to the General Assembly’s Assessment per family for each particular year.

3. When a person ceases to be a member of this congregation, he forfeits the privilege of burial in the Grave Plot of which he was previously the registered holder. Such persons if they should desire interment, shall pay, a contribution of at least £100 per year to the Graveyard Fund so long as he maintains his privilege, or alternatively a fee of £500 for each interment, this to be paid in advance to the Treasurer, before grave is opened.

4. Burial Rights and Grave Plots are reserved only for members of this congregation as defined in Rule 2 and will be £80 per Grave breadth.

5. Only one person shall be registered as the holder of a grave plot. No holder can transfer his burial plot, except to a member of his own family, and in all cases this transfer must be approved by, and registered with, the Graveyard Committee.

6. A fee for each interment to be determined by the Grave-digger must be paid to the Grave-digger before a grave is opened.

7. Only the Graveyard Committee, or person commissioned by them, shall have the right to authorise the opening of graves. Such permission must always be in accordance with these Rules pertaining to the Graveyard.

8. Funeral Services in the graveyard, as in the Church, are entirely in the hands of, and can only be conducted by, the Minister of the congregation, or someone authorised by him. He must be consulted personally before any arrangements are made.

9. No person shall make any measurements of burial plots or decide the position of Graves without the consent of the Congregational Committee.

10. No memorial or boundary marking shall be placed on any burial plot until plans have been submitted to the Congregational Committee and have received its written consent. All such Memorials or markings, when completed, must satisfy the Committee.

11. The Congregational Trustees and Committee shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to memorials or markings placed by Holders on their plots.

12. No shrubs or trees shall be planted on grave plots.

13. Members of the congregation, who are recognised by the Congregational Committee as holders of old grave plots, can on request re-register, in their own name, on payment to the Treasurer a fee of £10 per Grave breadth.

14. No person who is a holder of a burial plot in the Old Ground shall be allocated a plot in the New Ground. No person can be registered holder of two plots.

15. It is the responsibility of members of the congregation to ensure that their names are registered in the books of the graveyard.

16. Contractors or other persons erecting a headstone or surround, or making alterations to grave plots, must remove all surplus materials from the graveyard.

17. Holders of grave plots are required to keep them neat and tidy. After an interment the grave-digger will leave approximately 4” to 6” of soil above normal level to allow for subsidence. However, it will be the responsibility of holders to remove all wreaths after an interment.

18. The Graveyard Committee reserves the right to give privilege of burial to members of the congregation. In all cases of dispute concerning allocation of graves or management of graveyard, the decision of the Congregational Committee is final.

19. The Congregational Committee shall be at liberty from time to time to alter all or any of these Rules, Regulations and Fees, as circumstances arise.